Part-time Author to Full-time Medical Student

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and most likely always will be.

But more recently, I've decided to pursue a medical career. This career change has required most (if not all) of my free time.

I'm sorry to my readers that I have not had time recently to continue the saga of Jackson Pike and Mike Jones. 

Rest assured, I will continue to write throughout medical school and beyond. 

Thank you for being a reader. 

I promise that the Iron Triangle Series will continue, and I thank you for your patience.


Capitol Crimes is Available Everywhere!

I'm pleased to announce that Capitol Crimes: A Jackson Pike Novel (AKA Book Two of the Iron Triangle Series) is available at major eBook retailers everywhere.

Thank you for your patience as I worked on the second full length novel of the series.

I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

Here's a short description:

In Capitol Crimes, the much anticipated sequel to Iron Triangle, Jackson Pike is a man on a mission. His team has been murdered. His career has been destroyed. His family has been taken from him.

But Jackson Pike is still a Navy SEAL, sworn to defend the United States of America against all enemies: foreign and domestic.

Follow the journey of Jackson Pike and Mike Jones as they set out to right the wrongs committed by a multinational organization who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

On what could be their final mission, the men will need every shred of courage and combat skill they possess as they fight for truth, justice, and vengeance. 

If you're new to the Iron Triangle Series, I hope you'll enjoy all three of the books:

Let me know what you think!


Book Two of the Iron Triangle Series: An Update

It's been a little while since I published Afghan Sunset, the free Prequel to the Iron Triangle Series. Well, I'm glad to say that the wait for the next full length novel of the series is soon to be over!

I am just about finished writing book two of the Iron Triangle Series. It is to be titled Capitol Crimes, and brings back all of our favorite characters (Jackson Pike, Mike Jones), and some not so popular characters from the first two volumes of the series!

I'd like to think its the fastest paced book I've written yet, combining the intrigue and unanswered questions of the first two volumes into a carnival of corruption and mayhem that begin on page one and continue non-stop until the last word. 

I've had a great time writing this volume of the series. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. 

And for those of you who have emailed about the book, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond! My "real job", in the U.S. Military has kept me busy over the last year. 

So stand by. Capitol Crimes is coming up. I'd expect to see it at your favorite E-Book retailers by late summer. 

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Afghan Sunset is Available and Free

I'm pleased to announce that Afghan Sunset, the prequel to the Iron Triangle Series is available for free from all major E-Book retailers.

You can access the Novella on Amazon by clicking here.

Curious about the book? Here's a short description:

In this prequel to The Iron Triangle Series, Jackson Pike and SEAL Team 6 are assigned to Operation Afghan Sunset: a night-time raid of a suspected Afghan weapons depot.

The mission is simple.

The SEALs, led by Lieutenant Jackson Pike are to infiltrate the facility, gather intelligence, and destroy the complex with a minimum number of civilian casualties.

But when the mission goes horribly wrong, Jackson Pike finds himself fighting for his life and his honor against forces darker and more powerful than any he's ever confronted on the battlefield.

I hope you'll like it and purchase Iron Triangle (Book One of The Iron Triangle Series)


Editing... It Really is the Hardest Part


I'm done writing the prequel to Iron Triangle! It is entitled Afghan Sunset. 

Now comes the hard part... Editing. 

I'm hoping to have the Novella ready to publish by the end of the month. 

The book follows Jackson Pike through his final mission in the SEALs. Like Iron Triangle, undertones of corporate and political corruption pervade throughout the tale. 

I plan on offering the E-Book for FREE once I get it published! (As long as Amazon will price match the book). 

So, if you liked Iron Triangle, I think you'll really like Afghan Sunset (Prequel to The Iron Triangle Series) if for no other reason than it is free.

Ok. Back to editing...