Afghan Sunset is Available and Free

I'm pleased to announce that Afghan Sunset, the prequel to the Iron Triangle Series is available for free from all major E-Book retailers.

You can access the Novella on Amazon by clicking here.

Curious about the book? Here's a short description:

In this prequel to The Iron Triangle Series, Jackson Pike and SEAL Team 6 are assigned to Operation Afghan Sunset: a night-time raid of a suspected Afghan weapons depot.

The mission is simple.

The SEALs, led by Lieutenant Jackson Pike are to infiltrate the facility, gather intelligence, and destroy the complex with a minimum number of civilian casualties.

But when the mission goes horribly wrong, Jackson Pike finds himself fighting for his life and his honor against forces darker and more powerful than any he's ever confronted on the battlefield.

I hope you'll like it and purchase Iron Triangle (Book One of The Iron Triangle Series)